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Virtual Relocation Tour of Costa Rica

Get a Taste of our beautiful country from the comfort of your home just by booking our virtual relocation tour of Costa Rica.

At Relocate to Costa Rica, we know there are times when it may not be convenient to take a traditional relocation tour due to various reasons.

Therefore, we offer an informative virtual tour of Costa Rica that helps anyone experience the “Taste of Costa Rica” comfortably from anywhere.

Firstly, you’ll learn about the culture, locations to visit and live in, healthcare, and educational systems. 

Secondly, you will also learn how to apply for residency, how to invest in Costa Rica, and receive answers to any relocation concerns you might have.

Experience the Lifestyle

Costa Rica has many flavors depending on where you go; however, one word you’ll hear from coast to coast, north to south, is ‘Pura Vida.’

The Costa Rica Virtual Relocation Tour is ideal for anyone interested in learning about the laid-back and relaxed way of living that the country offers.

The virtual tour also helps get insight into various areas in the country, such as the Central Valley, the Northern Pacific, the Central Pacific, and the Caribbean Coast.

Relocating to Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica?

We will provide you with information specific to relocating to Costa Rica and share invaluable information concerning the cost of living, popular living areas, buying real estate, shipping personal belongings & pets, healthcare, educational system, getting residency, and investing in Costa Rica.

Please take advantage of the chance to join our virtual relocation tour.

With our guidance and information, you will get a good start on your relocation to Costa Rica!

Cost Of Living in Costa Rica

How much is it?

Compared to the United States, Canada, and much of Europe, the total cost of living in Costa Rica is very modest, regardless of where you choose to live.

Costa Rican housing, services, and medical care are substantially less expensive than North America. A single person can live comfortably here for about $1500 per month, depending on personal preferences.

Healthcare In Costa Rica

What if I get Sick?

Costa Rica has a socialized healthcare system. Membership is mandatory for citizens and residents,  covering all medical areas for a small monthly fee. In recent years, the country’s health standards have improved to the point where they are equivalent to several European countries. Costa Ricans and residents can seek medical treatment at state-run hospitals and clinics, which provide excellent services to all. 

Private hospitals and clinics and state-run hospitals provide a comprehensive range of services similar to the USA. 

Popular Places To Live

Where should I live?

There are many beautiful places a foreign resident can call home in Costa Rica.

During our virtual tour, we present several areas in the country that are popular with foreign residents.

Most importantly, you will discover which areas are more accommodating to expats providing a similar infrastructure they are used to.

Shipping Belongings + Pets

How much does it cost?

The shipping of personal belongings and pets is a big concern when relocating to another country.

Once you reserve your spot on the virtual relocation tour, you will have access to our friendly team of relocation consultants that are very knowledgeable in the areas of logistics.

They will provide you with valuable information about getting your belongings and pets to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Real Estate

The Ins & Outs

Join our virtual relocation tour and ask your questions regarding real estate in Costa Rica:
– buying or building a home;
– using a real estate agent;
– finding the ideal property;
– getting financing as a foreigner.

We will discuss the ins and outs of buying property in Costa Rica, and we will discuss with you how purchasing real estate can qualify you for residency in the country.

Investing In Costa Rica

Why? How? and Where?

Our webinar will share everything you need to know about investing in Costa Rica.

Our resident experts will discuss why you should consider investing in the country, how you can get started, and where you can find good investment opportunities.

Costa Rica Residency

Should I get residency?

Is residency necessary? How do I qualify for residency? These are some of the questions we get a lot from people who come to Costa Rica.

On the virtual relocation tour, you will access our residency specialists.

They will be ready to answer your important questions and share information about qualifying for residency in Costa Rica.

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