Healthcare System in Costa Rica

One of the most developed countries in Central America is Costa Rica. It has a solid reputation for having amazing landscapes, top-notch education, and a luxurious lifestyle. The extremely high quality of the Costa Rican healthcare system can astound you, nonetheless.

The World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Costa Rica’s healthcare system 38th out of 167 countries in 2020. Costa Rica now ranks among the top three nations in Latin America. The study did show that Costa Rica is strongly committed to giving its citizens the finest healthcare available, even though it may have leaned toward certain attributes in a healthcare system that not everyone shares.


Costa Rica Healthcare: Private Options

Since roughly 60 years ago, the Costa Rican government has been in charge of 30 hospitals and 250 clinics. But as is the case with most nationalized systems, certain serious problems still need to be properly resolved:

  • Long Waiting Periods
  • Slow, Impersonal Service
  • Outdated Hospitals

Outside of the governmental system, however, a parallel private healthcare system developed. The Medical Tourism sector is served by this quickly expanding private healthcare system, which annually welcomes thousands of patients.

Since the start of the twenty-first century, Costa Rica has gained a solid reputation for its cosmetic and dental procedures, which are considerably less expensive than those performed in the United States. People from the US who lack the necessary insurance to have these operations are drawn to Costa Rica. As a consequence, patients come in almost every day for top-notch cosmetic and dental surgery.


A Low-Cost Cosmetic and Dental Surgery Alternative

A person may often save 40% to 80% on cosmetic or dental treatment by traveling to Costa Rica. Additionally, orthopedic and laparoscopic procedures are becoming more popular, and they are still reasonably priced while still producing outcomes that are on par with those in the US.

Costa Rica has benefited from the current healthcare trend. The country attracts some of the top surgeons, dentists, and medical professionals. Additionally, it should come as no surprise that more people are traveling to Costa Rica to have the before stated therapies given the rising cost of insurance premiums and declining benefits that US citizens experience everyday. Due to the lengthy wait times and rationing of healthcare in other countries, Costa Rica is also experiencing an increase in the number of patients, especially from Canada and the US.

Would you want to learn more about Costa Rica’s expanding medical tourism sector? Without having to wait months for their desired therapy, medical tourists can acquire it at a far lower cost.


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