The Central Valley of Costa Rica is considered the heart of the country. It is home to the capital city of San Jose and neighboring suburbs such as Alajuela, Heredia, and Cartago, and this is where two-thirds of the country’s population lives.

The Central Valley is an excellent starting point for exploration because of the wide range of day excursions available from the area. You can enjoy day trips to coffee farms, join various cultural tours, view volcanic craters, see beautiful lagoons and even go on world-class whitewater rafting excursions. All of that and more can be done starting from the center of San Jose.

The Central Valley is beautiful, and the climate is mild and relatively dry all year round. Costa Rica has “dry” and “green/rainy” seasons. The dry season spans from December through April, and the green season spans from May through November.

During the green season, various parts of the country receive rain for a couple of hours in the afternoon, with the rest of the day full of sunshine. It is rare to see more than 2 – 3 days where it rains most of the time, and during these days, it can be clear and sunny in other parts of the country. If you are thinking of a tour to Costa Rica during the green season, don’t let the weather stop you!

The Local Food

Costa Rican food can be considered relatively simple, but it has a lot of flavors, although not overly seasoned.

The food is varied and delicious. Fruits, vegetables, rice, and black beans are the main elements of most traditional Costa Rican meals. Most meals are cooked from scratch from fresh ingredients that you can buy from many local neighborhood markets.

The most commonly eaten meats are pork and beef, but chicken and fish are readily available.

It is also possible to enjoy Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, and Caribbean cuisines. As we’ve stated before, Costa Rica offers something for everyone!

Discover The Central Valley

The Central Valley offers many incredible places to explore. You can visit museums, be amazed by the beauty of volcanoes, enjoy volcanic thermal springs, go horseback riding, go birdwatching, enjoy good food, go hiking, and more…

The Central Valley is the ideal area to learn about Costa Rican culture and the local life of the country’s citizens.

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